Buck’s Pizza Franchise

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Buck’s Pizza Franchise

The first Buck’s Pizza store was founded in 1994 by Lance Benton and has been franchised ever since. The business which started in Du Bois, Pennsylvania, soon extended to Gloversville, New York.

Initially it was a small family business, with only one hired employee whilst the other three working staff were relatives. With hard work and perseverance plus a customer oriented strategy, Buck’s Pizza has become a really flourishing company. Nowadays, it operates in the vast majority of the U.S. Counties.

The menu includes sides, which can be cheese, bread or cinnamon sticks and chicken plates, along with all sorts of dips; salads, available in basic combinations (garden salad) or more sophisticated ones (Caesar, Chicken Caesar, Greek); steak, baked ham and turkey hoagies. The main highlight of the menu is represented by pizza, which can be custom made by the client or just one of the twenty available assortments, plus three available types of pizza Stromboli.

Considering the high success which the company has enjoyed in the past several years, taking a Buck’s Pizza would be a highly profitable investment. Clients are attracted by the vast menu and various pizza types from which they can choose. Customers can also prepare their own pizza which is a clear advantage for the company, proving that it has a customer oriented market strategy.

Also, taking into account that the company started as a family business, the original recipe has been used from the very start in the pizza preparing process. This could indicate that the dough might have a special composition and even secret ingredients which attract the clients to eat the pizza’s many times.

 At the moment, Buck’s Pizza is searching for franchisees in order to expand even more in every county of the U.S. The company’s official website states that the applicants should own a retail space ranging from 1,200 to 5,000 square meters, that is located within a shopping center, building storefronts or residential areas. The restaurants offer delivery and takeaway services, but there are also locations which welcome customers to dine in.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running a Buck’s Pizza Franchise

The minimum initial investment of a Buck’s Pizza franchise restaurant is $163,450, consisting in the initial franchise fee worth $20,000, training expenses of $500, a security deposit of at least $3,000, the necessary equipment which includes all the utensils and kitchen apparatus which the franchise needs (refrigerators, ovens, tables, spoons, special knives and even the POS system), leasehold improvements amounting sometimes more than $25,000, initial inventories and an additional fund for three months plus the insurance. The ongoing royalty fee is 5%, on a determined renewable period of 10 years.

Training and Support

The company’s policy is to offer full support to the newly opened franchises, in order to attain an intensive market growth in a relatively short period of time. Franchisees don’t need to be cooking experts, they just have to possess an ability to coordinate the daily operations of their unit. Furthermore, marketing support is granted, consisting in product and customer campaigns which are destined to increase the sales.

Contact Details

 Please visit http://buckspizza.com/info.php for further information.

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