Arby’s Franchise

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Arby’s Franchise

 Arby’s was founded in 1964 by Forrest and Leroy Raffles and was inspired by a beef roast sandwich. They opened up their first restaurant in Ohio and first started franchising in 1965.

Today there are 2,435 U.S franchises, 114 Canadian franchises, 9 foreign franchises and 1,169 company owned Stores.

Arby’s was ranked 18th in Franchise 500 rank in 2009, 15th in 2008, 70th in 2007 and 21st in 2006. It was ranked 88th in 2009 in the fastest growing franchises and 76th in 2008. Among America’s top global franchises, it was ranked17th in 2009, 19th in 2008, 52nd in 2007 and 21st in 2006.

There are a numerous reasons why Arby’s franchise may be suitable for you; firstly they have around 3,700 restaurants all around US and Canada; this means that the chain is well known and has proven success in its field. Furthermore their menu is very unique and innovative; its most renowned food is the roasted beef sandwich.

Franchisee support at Arby’s

The franchisor is a public entity with a total of 300 employees out of which 300 are working in the franchise department.

Arbys offer its franchise candidates investment options and prototypes; these can be adjusted according to their needs. Arbys is well known for its culture and values, its values are based on the following principals; “Dream Big, Work Hard, Get It Done, Play Fair, Have Fun, and Make A Difference”, and lastly they are also known for an highly efficient operating and support system.

Arby’s provides the franchisees with a lot of support, this includes training, ongoing support, marketing support and other marketing support. Arby provides two kinds if training; one at the franchisee site which is ongoing and the other one is provided at the training restaurant; this is lasts for a five week period.

Ongoing support provided includes newsletters, help with the grand opening, security procedures, meetings etc. Marketing support is provided in the form of national media support and help in regional advertising.

Arby itself does not provide financing but it does provide the franchisees with a list of good reliable lenders.

Costs and Requirements of a Arby’s Franchise

In order to qualify for the franchisee, an individual must have previous industry experience along with business experience and marketing skills.

Total investment needed to purchase a franchise varies from $336,500 – $2,400,000 depending on the size and the restaurant location. The fee for the franchise ranges froma cost of $25,000 to $37,500, and the ongoing royalty fee is 4%. The term of agreement is 20 years renewable.

Currently Arby’s is trying to expand its business and looking for individuals for franchising both nationwide and internationally.

Contact Details

Arbys can be contacted on the following address: 1155 Perimeter Center West Atlanta, Georgia 30338, phone number: (678) 514 4100.

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