All American Specialty Restaurants Franchise

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All American Specialty Restaurants Franchise

All American Specialty Restaurants specialize in ice cream, frozen yogurt, deli sandwiches, and espresso. All American Specialty restaurants were one of the first of the food franchises to specialize in frozen yogurts, back in the mid1980’s.

Originally the company was called All American frozen yogurts and was established in 1986 in Portland by CR Duffle Jr. The company first started their franchising operatipns in 1987; just a year later.

Ice cream was added to the menu in 1989 in order to attract more customers and soon after that sandwiches and other foods were added.

Currently they operate four main service restaurants namely: All American Ice cream & Frozen Yogurt, Sertinos Café Restaurant, All American Deli, and Sertinos Coffee shop.

Today most of the stores are situated in nine states, and in the future the plan is to expand within the United States.

 The main competitive edge American Specialty restaurants has over others is that they offer a higher quality food at lower prices, the service is exceptional and all the employees are well skilled. Last but not the least; the environment is very warm and inviting.

 The All American Specialty Restaurants Franchise Support team

The franchisor is a privately owned company, with around five employees of whom two are involved directly within the franchise department.

This support team helps the franchisee on each and every step from the selection of the location to the grand opening of the restaurant. Depending on the individuals requirement the team of American specialty restaurant provides them with an architect and blueprints of the shop. This makes life easier for the franchisee as he knows that he has the best architect.

Training opportunities at the All American Specialty Restaurants Franchise

There is an extensive training program for all the franchisees, which includes classroom and in store training. Initially a ten day training period is performed at the corporate office in Portland, following this in store training is provided at the franchisee location. American specialty restaurants believe that the most important part of franchising is training and so they pay special attention to this aspect. Additionally, ongoing support and marketing support is provided to the franchisee.

Costs and Requirements of associated with running an All American Specialty Restaurants Franchise

  • In order to qualify for the franchise you need to show a net worth of $250,000, liquid cash of almost $45,000 and some business experience. Around six or seven employees are required to run the franchise
  • The size of the franchise ranges between 450 – 2,800 square feet, and is usually located in a free standing building, shopping mall or a community center.
  • A total investment of $177,200 – $484,950 is needed depending upon size, location, concept etc of the franchise. This total investment includes, travel, inventory and supply, advertising of the grand opening, franchise fee for the first month, design fee, legal fee, deposits, and leasehold.
  • The franchisee fee varies between $30,000 – $35,000, there is an ongoing royalty fee is 5% and the term of agreement is 10 years renewable.

Contact Details

For more information about American specialty restaurant the address is; 812 S.W Washington St no 1100 Portland, Oregon 97205. Phone number: (800) 311 3930, (503) 224-6199

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